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Amercian Customers

When its time to say goodbye

With dignity and respect we, the Sleep-Tight-Animal-Funeral Institute will escort you and your comrade until the return of the urn.

We will consider all your wishes and take care of any tasks that might come up. That gives you the time to grieve and say good-bye. You are welcome to bring your beloved deceased animal to us and say goodbye in our "fare-well" room. Of course we also come and pick up your faithful friend, to save you a sad trip. Many owners appreciate the services offered to avoid having to leave there Friend at the vet, but still don`t need to drive with your animal.

All prices include storage and transportation costs with cremation. The premium package includes the costs for pick up, up to 50 kilometers and a cremation certificate. You are also welcome to personally transfer your animal companion to us.

No matter which option you prefer, we, the Sleep-Tight-Animal Funeral Institute will be by your side and support you to the widest extent possible.

Prices & packages

We offer fixed package prices in 3 possible variants. These would be Collective cremation, Individual cremation and Premium cremation. Prices are calculated by the weight of your animal.



(without ash return)

(Multiple cremation without foreign ash)

(incl. certificate and 50km pick up)

0 - 2 kg 75,00 €  99,00 € /
2 - 5 kg 90,00 € 140,00 € 190,00 €
5 - 10 kg 120,00 € 180,00 € 210,00 €
10 - 25 kg 160,00 € 250,00 € 320,00 €
25 - 40 kg 190,00 € 310,00 € 380,00 €
40 - 60 kg 240,00 € 350,00 € 420,00 €
from 60 kg 280,00 € 420,00 € 480,00 €

Prices valid from 01.01.2023 / Individual- & Premiumpackages without urns.

We reserve the right to charge the cleaning costs in the event of severe parasite infestation, severe fluid loss or excessive excretion of at least € 40.00.

All prices include storage and transportation costs with cremation.

Payment Methods:
EC card payment, Cash payment (no acceptance of 500€ notes), no payment possible with creditcard or debitcard

On-call service: 50,00 €

Pick up service from home or Vet (Round-trip calculated):

  Collective & Individual Premium
up to 20km 35,00 € inkl.
up to 50km 55,00 € inkl.
up to 100km 85,00 € 30,00 €
up to 150km 125,00 € 70,00 €
over 150km 0,60€ per km 0,60€ per km

Sleep Tight Animal Funeral is your animal funeral in the K-Town area! We are located in 66919 Weselberg. We are
15 minutes away from area Ramstein and Landstuhl. Also close to Kindsbach, K-Town, Pirmasens, Zweibrücken and all towns between.

You want to arrange an appointment?

Call us gladly anytime on 0 63 33 / 27 90 23 6.



Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 2
66919 Weselberg

phone: 0 63 33 / 27 90 23 6
emergency phone: 0 172 / 40 96 00 9

We ask you to coordinate appointments with us by phone.

opening hours:
monday to friday
09.00 am - 04.00 pm

After 04.00 pm , as well as on aaturdays, aundays and public holidays, our emergency service is available by phone under 0 172 / 40 96 00 9.

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order cremation

You are welcome to order the cremation of your animal companion directly and easily online. After receiving your order, we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

By clicking on the button below you can fill out the form and send it to us. If you have any questions, you can also reach us by phone.

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